Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tomatoes are disgusting and good bye tomatoes!

Hey readers, um, tonight, I am eating dinner. I am eating dinner with tomatoes. Tomatoes have to go in jail, you know why? Because they are so gross and I don't like them. And you know why they have to go in jail again? Because I already told you. They are kind of like the meanies. They always beg me to put them in my mouth. They punch my lip and go back to the tomato juice. And that is why I hate tomatoes. You know that thing I said about tomatoes punching my mouth? They are kind of like me as an army man.

I hate avocados and I hate cucumbers. And one more thing, I hate cheese. I like cheese when it's on bread on a grilled cheese. It melts and then I get to eat it. And I love ketchup and I love fry sauce. And here is the ingredients how to make ketchup. You squeeze a tomato and then you mix it up. And you know how to make fry sauce? You get mayo, then ketchup. And you mix it around and that's it. And you know how to make french fries? You put potatoes in the oven and you cook them. There are yellow potatoes and brown potatoes. All you have to do is buy them at the store, at Harmon's in Draper by the mountains where you find copper and where you find the hang gliders when it's summer. And there's a Harmon's at Orem. And in the summer time we saw hang gliders at Draper, every time, a lot. And then you know what other store you can get potatoes? You can get them at Crispspsss. Or you can get them at Fresh Market. And then make sure to go at the check stand.

Good bye readers. I will see you later. Hahahaha! You know why I laughed? Cuz you are the best readers I ever had. Your kind of like my friends if you are strangers. If you are nice strangers, you can be my friend. But if you are kind of mean strangers, you can't be my friend. So, again, good bye readers! Hahahaha! Oh, never mind the laughing. Good bye! And if you are a bro, you are my bomb friend. Good bye again! See you later bros! See you later strangers! See you later people. Good bye!


  1. i hate tomatoes too! they are totally nasty and i refuse to eat them. unless they are in salsa.

  2. I like tomatoes, but I don't like tomato sauce.

  3. My husband completely agrees with you on tomatoes and cucumbers, he hates them! But your blog is SO fun to read, love the story going from tomatoes to fry sauce to fries to potatoes to grocery stores to hang gliders and back! Can't wait for the next post!