Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello readers. After i write on my blog, I am going to play on the iPad. I like to play two racing games. Asphalt six and just asphalt. Just regular asphalt.

That's all readers. Sorry it was so quick. So goodbye. I will be back to write after I play on the iPad. And more thing, there is an army plane game. Okay, that's it. Good bye.

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  1. I sure hope you'll write more after you play you're games. I love your blog! Isn't the iPad great! Grandpa loves his and plays chess on it all the time. He's been playing chess games with Uncle Jon. They've played ten games and Grandpa has won every single one! But don't make fun of Uncle Jon, he hates losing!

    Today I've been working on stuff for the handcart trek. Did you know Grandpa and I are going to do that? Yup, I have to get in a long skirt and walk miles and miles for three days like the handcart pioneers did; only they walked for months. It was like walking to Glendora! You have ancestors who were pioneers. I don't know if they pulled a handcart, maybe they had a wagon with oxen. That would be cool!

    Aunt Lauren is going on a date with Seth this evening. They are going to a really fancy restaurant in Salt Lake City. It's supposed to be romantic. Eww, gross, huh?

    I have to go. Aunt Haley and Addie are coming to visit and I have to fix dinner. I hope little Violet is feeling better. Be a good big brother and take care of her!