Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jack's Jokes

Hello Friends! I got a new bike! And I even got another ramp for my birthday! I love my birthday. You know why? Because you get presents and you get to eat the cake. And for my birthday, I turned 7. I got Legos for my birthday. I am old enough. I can't ride my bike on the ramp sometimes because there is a soccer game at the park where I live. the soccer games get too packed up so they park in the cul-de-sac.

At dinner I had fried chicken and rice with gravy. I love gravy because it is good. BTW, I have a joke for you. You know what the joke is? What did the sheep do on a hot day? A bahhhhbecue. That was a funny joke, wasn't it? Well, I think you should look on my blog. Just kidding, I am going crazy. You are on my blog! And I have another joke for you! What did the bear do when he wanted a gummy bear? He turned into a gummy bear when he ate them. HAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I think I have to go now. But one more thing. Don't tell anyone that I have a blog. Okay. Bye.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jack is cool.

Dear Everyone,

Um, I am really sorry I haven't writed on the blog yet. It's because I was having so much fun playing with friends. But today, on Sunday, I am really sick. 

School has been good. And I love school so so so so so much. I love that you get to have school lunch sometimes. I only get to have school lunch sometimes because I have home lunch and I only have school lunch on Fridays. My teacher is named Miss Monson, but now she is Mrs. Barton. She got married to a really cute boy named Mr. Barton. And I just started basketball. And I just got 3 and 4 baskets. 

My brother and sister are Violet and Van. Violet is the one that is a girl. And Van is a boy. And me, Jack! And we are the Ingrams. Oh, I forgot! My mom and dad! And I love them. And I think they are so so so so so cool. My mom is making those really good cupcakes. And she is making chili. My mom and dad are both good cookers. My favorite thing my dad makes is really really really good grilled cheese. My favorite thing my mom makes is really good cake. 

The end. See ya. And by the way, my phone number is- oh wait, my mom says I cannot leave my phone number online. Okay, NOW goodbye.

Oh, I am so sorry, wait. Before I go, you are so so so so so so so funny!!!!! Okay okay okay, now the end. Goodbye, adios amigos. And that's all.