Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jack's Jokes

Hello Friends! I got a new bike! And I even got another ramp for my birthday! I love my birthday. You know why? Because you get presents and you get to eat the cake. And for my birthday, I turned 7. I got Legos for my birthday. I am old enough. I can't ride my bike on the ramp sometimes because there is a soccer game at the park where I live. the soccer games get too packed up so they park in the cul-de-sac.

At dinner I had fried chicken and rice with gravy. I love gravy because it is good. BTW, I have a joke for you. You know what the joke is? What did the sheep do on a hot day? A bahhhhbecue. That was a funny joke, wasn't it? Well, I think you should look on my blog. Just kidding, I am going crazy. You are on my blog! And I have another joke for you! What did the bear do when he wanted a gummy bear? He turned into a gummy bear when he ate them. HAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I think I have to go now. But one more thing. Don't tell anyone that I have a blog. Okay. Bye.

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